Using Applied Creativity, Level I

Workshop for September 13 (Thursday)

People who work in organizations are constantly faced with change issues and ill-structured problems. This workshop builds skills in proactively seeking out problems and opportunities and implementing creative solutions on the job. This includes understanding the nature of problems and using a process to creatively deal with them for positive change. It emphasizes working with others in harmony to discover important opportunities for improvement in both products and procedures and creating and implementing practical new ideas. Participants learn by applying the Simplexity Thinking system individually and in teams to their own work-related problems.

Workshop Details

  • Date

    Thursday September 13, 2018

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    Please contact for registration or call 905 690 4903

  • Workshop Fees*

    $550.00 US

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    Visa, Mastercard,  Amex, PayPal

  • Dress Code

    Business casual, comfortable