3 day Level I & II Using and Leading Applied Creativity workshop

Workshop for May 15 - 17, 2018 (Tuesday - Thursday)

You've heard it all before. The world is changing. Nothing stays the same. Change is the only constant. One thing does stay the same. Solving complex problems and creating fresh opportunities for growth in a changing world begins with creative thinking.

Why the Simplexity Thinking System?

  • Our future as organizations, teams and individuals depends on our ability to view the tasks before us from a different perspective, to question old habits and ways, and to have the courage to propose and implement innovative solutions. To sustain real economic and personal growth, we must now approach innovation and problem solving in our organizations with increased creativity and foresight.
  • The Simplexity Thinking System is the "innovation engine" of the organization. It interconnects a process of creative problem solving with skills and tools to make that process work. The system is simple, experiential, inclusive … and is proven to work.
  • Learn the key thinking skills that drive creativity and innovation
  • Assess your personal innovation style and investigate ways it can be enhanced through application of Simplexity Thinking.
  • Learn how to be an effective facilitator, team leader and participant in a meeting.
  • Learn to design effective meetings resulting in shared ownership and well- defined implementation plans.
  • Improve the way your organization utilizes teams.
  • Learn to move a team from "storming" to "high performing".

Designed for you!

  • Leaders wanting to develop strong facilitation skills.
  • Individuals and team leaders wanting to ‘jumpstart' important projects in the organization.
  • Executives and managers interested in mainstreaming innovation into strategic planning and high level decision-making.
  • Team leaders and facilitators looking for a proven process which emphasized collaboration and creativity.
  • Managers, supervisors and professionals wanting to build successful teams.
  • Executives searching for an "innovation machine" for their organization.

Workshop Details


From Greater Cincinnati International Airport (35 Miles):

Take 275 East to 75 North to Exit #19-Union Centre Blvd (~30 miles). Turn left at traffic light onto Union Centre Blvd. Go 1.9 miles; turn left onto Beckett Road.