HMW Conference

Workshop for October 3 - 5, 2018 (Wednesday - Friday)

How Might We? Applied Innovation Conference 2018

The Basadur team are thrilled to announce our first annual Applied Innovation Conference. In collaboration with P&G GYM, we will bring together leaders in innovation and strategy in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 3rd-5th 2018. The three-day conference will unite the full spectrum of the Simplexity community, from innovation solution seekers to practitioners and thought leaders.

“How Might We” is the universal language of applied innovation and innovators. This vocabulary and behaviour integrates across every step of the Simplexity process, the premier, human-centered applied innovation process, built on industry experience and scientific research. 

What will I take from the event? 

The conference welcomes you to come and learn and participate in the most dynamic and innovative problem-solving methods. Network, learn and sharpen your skills with our global network of practitioners to improve your applied innovation success, from the classroom to the boardroom. 

  • Learn to use, integrate and flex the Simplexity process in every situation. 
  • Adopt practical ways for you and your staff to make better decisions, innovate and revolutionize your business.
  • Build expertise in advanced challenge mapping, pre-consulting and strategic and implementation planning. 
  • Share your stories and benefit from sessions led by experts who have used Simplexity to solve problems across an extensive range of industries.

What will the event look like? 

Structured around three statements, the conference will bring the concepts of applied innovation to every area of your life.

  • How are we? – We will present and explore foundational content as well as current applications underway worldwide. 
  • How did we? – Sharing of success stories with tangible results that you can learn from. 
  • How might we? the vision: inspiring you to apply Simplexity to take on & solve the world’s toughest challenges  

 Over the next few weeks will be announcing our full schedule of experts in their field for the event.  These thought leaders will share what works, practical information and how they did it with the Simplexity process so you are fully prepared & inspired on October 3.

Workshop Details


From Greater Cincinnati International Airport (35 Miles):

Take 275 East to 75 North to Exit #19-Union Centre Blvd (~30 miles). Turn left at traffic light onto Union Centre Blvd. Go 1.9 miles; turn left onto Beckett Road.