Richard Perez, M.E.

Procter & Gamble

R&D Product Innovation Capability Manager

Cincinnati, OHIO, USA
General Manager P&G GYM and Product Research Corporate Capability

PIA Since 2015

Richard Perez, M.E.
Procter & Gamble

Office: 513-885-4282

Richard Perez, Mechanical Engineer, is an accomplished consumer product innovator with a 23 year career leading cross functional teams in new product development/engineering and marketing in North America (US/Canada), Latin America (Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile) and China.  Academic background/training in Mechanical Engineering and Design (BS), Consumer Research, Adult Learning/Training, Manufacturing Process Innovation, and Innovation Workshop Facilitator.  Multilingual (English/Spanish fluent).

 In 2012 Richard took over as general manager of Procter & Gamble’s GYM.  The GYM is a corporate venue and capability that energizes and strengthens product innovation, via customized team workshop experiences and training, resulting in tangible actionable solutions for P&G’s innovation challenges.  Most P&G product innovations have been fueled from GYM sessions including brands like Swiffer, Olay, Pampers, Tide, Always, Gillette, Pantene, Vicks, Crest and many others.   Richard has overseen over 1000 problem solving workshops at the GYM.

Richard has personally facilitated over 200 problem solving, strategy and product innovation pipeline workshops with project teams and senior executives internal and external to P&G with a client Net Promoter Score (recommend to a colleague) of 95%.

Problem Solving Facilitation Core Skills:

  • Product Innovation/Design
  • Innovation Portfolio Strategy
  • Cross Functional Team Leadership
  • Technology/Product Integration
  • Manuf. Process Development
  • New Product Launch
  • Team Building
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Adult Learning/Training
  • Latin/North America and Asia
  • Spanish, English    


-     May 1991 B.S. Mechanical Engineering/Design, University of Puerto Rico Magna Cum Laude

Extended Education Program Highlights Across Innovation Capabilities:

-          1995 - Methodology of Process Development Trainer

-          2003 - Creating Breakthrough Products – Cagan &Vogel  (Carnegie Melon)

-          2004 - Advanced Facilitator Training – IDEO Institute

-          2012 - Creative Problem Solving – Basadur SIMPLEXITY Level 3 Trainer

-          2013 - Design Thinking – Stanford University Method adapted to P&G

-          2013 - Strategic Play with Lego®

      -     2014- Professional Innovation Advisor Basadur Applied Creativity Simplexity

Innovation Patents (US and International):

Web Handling/Heat Splicing (1997),

Tampax Pearl Tampon Applicator Design with Ergonomically Enhanced Grip (2013)


Procter & Gamble Applied Product Innovation Capability General Manager (GYM)

Front End Innovation Project Portfolio Manager ($900 Million Product Portfolio)

Asia and Latin America Product Innovation Initiative Leader.

North America Product Initiative Leader/Section Head

Global R&D Product Research Community of Practice Manager

Latin America Product Innovation Leader/Section Head (Caracas, Venezuela)

Manufacturing Process Senior Engineer

Stuctural Mechanics Engineer - Argonne National Laboratory (US Dep. Of  Energy)

Power Systems Engineer – Puerto Rico Electric Power Co.

Fitness Instructor