Professional Innovation AdvisorsPhil Sawin, PhD, MBA

Phil Sawin, PhD, MBA

Procter & Gamble

Intellectual Property Manager

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

PIA Since 2015

Phil Sawin, PhD, MBA
Procter & Gamble

Office: 513-634-3515
Mobile: 513-614-2400

Phil Sawin is currently a Corporate Intellectual Property Manager with 20+ years experience across all facets of the product development/innovation process including up-stream technology, product design & delivery and product launch.  Phil’s academic background includes Bachelor’s (Princeton) and Doctorate (UCLA) degrees in Chemistry as well as an MBA (U. Cincinnati).

Phil’s specialty is Intellectual Property and Intellectual Assets with focus areas including:

  • IP-Strategy development
  • Cross-functional technology re-application
  • Invention/Innovation definition and scope
  • Intellectual asset security.

In light of this variety of needs, he has developed tailored session-tools that address Innovation/Invention development and protection at all phases of the process.  The outcomes of these sessions have ranged from strengthening of individual patents to development of holistic IP-Strategies to design/implementation of company-wide intellectual asset protection programs.

Phil has personally facilitated >50 sessions across multiple product areas and multiple geographies including North America, Europe and Asia.