Professional Innovation Advisor Designation Program

Simplexity is a world-class, evidence-based, researched, evolving system that over 10,000 practitioners have used either within their organizations or as external independent consultants.

Until now, there was no formal way to have a connection to the latest research, support, and tools that the Center provides. Nor was there a way to sharpen Innovation delivery skills beyond the initial training. Or collaborate directly with the Center and an active and thriving network of fellow practitioners.

The purpose of the Professional Innovation Advisor (PIA) designation program is to help Simplexity-trained people flex the process further, differentiate themselves, and build successful internal or external innovation practices.

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Benefits of Becoming a Professional Innovation Advisor

  • „Differentiate yourself from the many facilitators and so-called innovation consultants.
  • Raise awareness of your innovation expertise with your customers, colleagues, and other stakeholders.
  • Publicizes your PIA designation on the Center’s website.
  • Learn how to translate preconsult knowledge into high value customer proposals.
  • „„Stay knowledgeable in the latest trends and research developments in innovation.
  • „Access a team of highly skilled innovation practitioners when needed.

Earning the PIA Designation

  • „Complete Level I and Level II Workshops.
  • Attend the PIA Advanced Practitioner Seminar.
  • Provide three written reference letters describing the impact that you have made using the Simplex process. These must be from the last three years.

Maintaining the Designation is Easy

  • Write an online assessment examination every three years.
  • „„Earn ongoing Continuing Education credits through seminars, webinars and/or eCourses.
  • Use Simplexity-branded materials and tools (Dots, HMW pads, Action Planning pads, Profile, etc) in all working sessions to demonstrate that you are using a professional (and proven) innovation process.
  • „„Voluntary: contribute to the Body of Knowledge of the Center for Research in Applied Creativity (i.e. articles, insights obtained while working, contributing to research).
  • „„Annual fee of $275.

PIA Support Resources:

  1. 1.Access to PIA-exclusive online resource library
  2. 6.Basadur PIA business cards to use on collaborative engagements
  3. 2.PIA-exclusive pricing for materials and tools
  4. 7.Completed "Go To Market" plan
  5. 3.Laminated PIA wallet card
  6. 8.Package of marketing materials
  7. 4.Basadur Applied Creativity email address
  8. 9.Framed PIA Certificate
  9. 5.License to use the PIA designation on your business cards and marketing materials
  10. 10.Customized professional profile page on the Basadur website