Management: Synchronizing different kinds of creativity

Basadur, M.S. (2005). Management: Synchronizing different kinds of creativity. In “Creativity across domains: Faces of the Muse”. Lawrence Erlbaum. Ch. 15, pp. 261-279. Editors; Kaufman, J.C. and Baer, J.


How do people think, work and act creatively in diverse domains? Is creativity a general attribute or do different kinds of creativity apply in different domains? These are the main themes of this book. This chapter suggests that not only are there different kinds of creativity, but also that there are different kinds of creativity within the domain of management. This is because there is a need for different kinds of creativity within various kinds of work and jobs in organizations. “Applied creativity” may be viewed as a process with multiple stages or phases. Different kinds of creativity are associated with the various phases or stages of the process. Within organizations, different kinds of work favor specific kinds of creativity, which must be synchronized to achieve innovative results for profitability and competitive edge. What does this process of applied creativity involve?

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