Leading others to think innovatively together: Creative leadership

Basadur, M.S. (2004). Leading others to think innovatively together: Creative leadership. Leadership Quarterly, Vol 15, pp 103-121.


Individuals, teams and organizations differ in their creative problem solving styles. How leaders manage these styles can have a significant effect on performance. The most effective leaders of the 21st century will help individuals and teams to co-ordinate and integrate their differing styles in order to drive change through a process of applied creativity that includes continuously discovering and defining new problems, solving those problems and implementing the new solutions. Leaders must appreciate individuals’ differing preferences for various stages of this process. Leaders can use various tools – notably the Creative Problem Solving process (CPSP) inventory – in order to encourage and enable people to think together in innovative ways. The authors’ real world experiences how top corporations involve employees at all levels in putting their knowledge to work by doing innovative thinking that is “on the money” is share.

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