Improving the measurement of divergent thinking attitudes in organizations

Basadur, M.S., Taggar, S. and Pringle, P.F. (1999). Improving the measurement of divergent thinking attitudes in organizations. Journal of Creative Behavior, Volume 33 (2), 75-111.


Three new improved scales measuring three independent divergent thinking attitudes were developed in field research with managers and were labeled "Valuing New Ideas," "Belief that Creativity is Not for Only a Select Few," and "Not Feeling Too Busy for New Ideas." These three scales represent an improvement over three scales initially identified by Basadur and Hausdorf (1996). Two studies were done. The first was a reliability study in which higher internal consistencies and improved understanding and labeling were achieved. The second was a field experiment in which preliminary evidence of external validity of the three scales was established. The scales effectively measured the changes in these attitudes that were expected after training. Opportunities for future research are identified.

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