Impacts and outcomes of creativity in organizational settings

Basadur, M.S. (1993). Impacts and outcomes of creativity in organizational settings.  In The emergence of a discipline: Nurturing and developing creativity. Volume II. (Editors: Isaksen, S.G., Murdock, M.C., Firestein, R.L. and Treffinger, D.J.), Chapter 12 (2) pp 278-313. New York: Ablex.


Creativity can be developed, increased, and managed by organizations. Increased creativity can improve virtually every kind of organization. Specific results from organizational creativity can be identified, including new products and methods, increased efficiency, greater motivation, job satisfaction, teamwork, focus on customer satisfaction, and more strategic thinking at all levels. Commitment is needed from senior management to do what is necessary to plan and implement increased creativity. The organization must determine the results it intends to achieve through creativity, and understand that success will not come overnight. A long4erm commitment must be made in order to develop creative behavior and reap the benefits that will result.

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