Creative Problem Solving Process Styles, Cognitive Work Demands and Organizational Adaptability

Basadur, M.S., Gelade, G., and Basadur, T.M. (2013).  Creative problem solving process styles, cognitive work demands and organizational adaptability.  Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, vol. 50 (1), 80-115


Organizational adaptability is modeled as a four stage creative problem solving process, with each stage involving a different kind of cognitive activity.  Individuals have different preferences for each stage and thus are said to have different creative problem solving process “styles”.   The Creative Problem Solving Profile (or CPSP) assesses these styles and maps onto and interconnects directly with the four stages of this creative problem solving process.  A field study (n=6,091) is presented in which the psychometric properties of the CPSP are established and distribution of styles in different occupations and at different organizational levels are examined.  A concrete blueprint is provided for organizational leaders to follow to (a) increase organizational adaptability, (b) simplify and facilitate change management, and (c) address important organizational effectiveness issues at the individual, team and organizational levels.   Real world application examples are shared and future research opportunities to expand the CPSP’s usefulness are suggested.

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