ISPIM Conference

ISPIM in partnership withis hosting the 2017 ISPIM Innovation Forum on Basadur Applied Creativity “Fostering Innovation Ecosystems” with over 200 innovation experts from more than 30 countries will gather to discuss ways in which innovation is imagined, practiced, assessed in business and society. Executive-level representatives from Basadur Applied Creativity, York University, Barrick Gold Corporation, GE Company, Ontario Centre of Excellence, The Conference Board of Canada, OCAD University, Edwards School of Business and many others will be keynoting at the Forum, with panel sessions from many involved both in innovation research and practice. Participants will also have the chance to experience the innovation landscape of Canada by participating in exclusive visits to the Toronto-area innovation clusters.
We invite you, whether you are a researcher, leader, policy maker, executive or consultant to engage with and share your innovation insights with fellow professionals. Join a global innovation management community, and participate in well-orchestrated social and networking events in inspiring venues. For more info and updates about the Forum, please visit the Conference website at this link.


Sunday March 19, 2017 - Wednesday March 22, 2017


Toronto, Ontario